The Acadiens in
Albert County

Our Friend the Honey Bee

If it weren't for the honey bees, there would be no succulent raspberries and only little produce in general. The honey bee fertilizes the flowers, so that fruit can grow. With doing this the bee collects pollen and produces honey. The beekeeper calls this pollination, which is the process of transferring pollen from the stamens of one flower to the pistil of a neighboring flower.

Because the pollination process is so important and because the raspberry flowers give such a mild honey, we keep our own honey bees on site.

Once it is honey-harvesting time, we collect and filter the honey. The bees keep their honey within the beehive just under 38ºC / 100º F. We learned from the bees and carefully warm the honey to exactly the same temperature, to preserve the fine aroma and healthy enzymes that often get destroyed by commercial processing of the honey.

Our raspberry honey, taken off just after the raspberry pollination, is very light with a delicate flavour and aroma. Therefore the supply is limited as we only keep sufficient bees for our own pollination.

If you like honey, you may want to order early.