The Acadiens in
Albert County

Our Farm is
Albert County at its best!

Flower Garden

Our flower gardens are yours to enjoy. Feel free to take a stroll, relax, take photos if you please.

Historic Sales Building

Visit our sales building with its collection of antique tools and old photos of the area. This building was first constructed as the Customs Building for the Port of Hillsborough during the era of wooden ships. Later it was moved and became a roofing store, then moved again about 1910 to become a grocery store. We acquired this derelict building in the 1970's and restored it during the ‘90's.


The dwelling for this farm was built way back in 1852. Originally there was a carriage house and stable attached to it.

It was 1915, when the Harper family moved to this farm. First it was George Harper, who purchased a part of it. He operated a small market garden and sold cucumbers, summer savory and cabbage, which he processed to sauerkraut.

The farm and its production grew steadily over the years. When the third Harper-generation took over in the late 1970's, Gerry Harper had a dream of adding raspberries to the line of produce. He recognized that a lot more land on the farm had potential, but because of high ground-water-levels he needed a plan of action. Land had to be drained first. With careful planning and draining some of the land it was possible to plant a few rows of raspberries in 1984. There was still too much water though, which caused production problems.

More drain tile was installed. This combined with cautious land forming, brought significant changes to the farm. Today, raspberries of various kinds and all sorts of other berries grow wonderfully. People from near and far enjoy the picking season at Harper's U-Pick.


There is room for some 40 cars on our graveled parking lot. Overflow parking can be accommodated in a mowed section of our field.

Washroom Facilities

For your convenience we have drinking water, hand washing facilities and a flush toilet on site.