The Acadiens in
Albert County

What else to pick?

Black Currents for instance

Quite popular in Europe. They are loved for their hearty flavour, are easy to pick and excellent for jams, jellies and juice. They can also be blent with other berries.

Elderberries, a wine maker's gem

In early September our elderberries are ready for harvesting. They are quite popular to make wine, but also for jelly or as a health food. Because of its high antioxidant content, the elderberry is also known as a cancer preventing fruit.

Speaking of antioxidant - the United States Department of Agriculture has published a list which assigns numbers to the antioxidant ability of different berries. It is referred to as the ORAC Values and is as follows: Black Choke Cherries 16061 Elderberries 14697 Cranberries 9584 Black Currents 7960 Cultivated Blueberries 6552 Blackberries 5347 Red Raspberries 4884 Strawberries 3577 Gooseberries 3277 Grapes 1260

Even more to come…

To keep things exciting, we recently planted gooseberries and rhubarb. Whereas the gooseberry shrubs will have to grow for a couple of years, our rhubarb will likely be available for you in 2010.